Safe Products

Preface: English is not my native language. If you find any errors or ambiguous wording, please let me know – preferably with a suggestion!

What to do if the product is found to be unsafe and bears risks that it may not have?

  • Producers are responsible for the safety of their products and of their potential costumers – independent from an usage in in the commercial and industrial sector or in do-it-yourself within the home environment. All the more important to prepare a full internal strategy feeding the needs of the legal requirements. Risk and conformity assessment, recall management, reporting and corporate compliance must be filled with life.
  • Consumers need rapid and uncomplicated assistance to get in contact with the manufacturer and the competent authorities. Technical Consumer Protection, responsibilities, contacts are keywords that move the users.



A helping hand might be required for different reasons:

  • A consumer seeks advice concerning an unsafe product.
  • A producer seeks advice to fulfil the legal requirements.

In both cases might I be able to give answers to open questions. Feel free to ask!

Kind regards!

Dr. Matthias Honnacker

It is impossible to be an expert on everything… My favourite working fields are:

  • Risk Assessment on products according to the RAPEX guidelines
  • Product safety
  • CE marking
  • GS mark
  • Conformity assessment
  • Consumer protection
  • Standardisation
  • Market surveillance